18 wind and photovoltaic streetlights of the Project Smartcity become operational

Málaga already has a generator and the first wind and photovoltaic streetlights of the project Smartcity, whose objective is gaining in efficiency and change in self-sufficient the beach walk Antonio Banderas, where they are installed.

With this, the capital becomes “pioneer” at a national level. It is a project in which several private companies are taken part and coordinated by Endesa.

It has a wind generator of 11 meters high and a nominal power of four kw, and 18 streetlights: nine of photovoltaic generation of 95 Wp, with streetlights Led type of 58 watts and five meters high; and other nine wind streetlights, of vertical axis, 600 watts, nine meters high and with three lamps of 58b watts each. These ones are the first to be installed in Spain.

The final objective of the Project Smartcity is to achieve an energy saving of 20%, with a reduction of emissions of more than 6.000 tons of carbon dioxide a year. In this way, the objective is that the whole of the city becomes sustainable and self – sufficient or with the least energy dependance possible. In this way, Málaga places itself “on the right path to follow” to improve the efficiency of the distributed generation, whose saving will allow the implementation “ large – scale” of this sustainable system.

For the time being, 300 industrial customers, 900 services and 11.000 domestic customers are benefiting from these initiatives. The objective is to mortgage it with the savings generated from the use of these installations, as well as not having to pay nor for the light nor for the consumption.

The functioning of these elements of generation will be associated to some storage batteries for the energy that is not going to be used. The cost of maintenance is “minimal”. Moreover, the speed of the needed wind for the functioning of these installations is of only five to seven meters per second.

Source: Europa Press
Presentation of the new streetlights promenade. Photo Courtesy C. Diaz

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  • 30 Dec, 2011
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