An installation for self-consumption can save 70% on the energy bill

A study of the Valencia Association of Businesses of the Energy Sector, Avaesen, with information of the projects made by its members about the self-consumption installations confirms that the average savings that a family can obtain is 70% on the electricity bill.The initial investment can vary between 6.000 and 9.000 euros, depending on the surface of the house and on the energy that is going to be used, but this investment pays for itself over time thanks to the energy savings obtained. Another advantage of these installations is that can be based in different energy resources, such as photovoltaic, small wind power, biomass or geothermal.

The implementation of a regulation which covers the self-consumption and the net balance, that is to say the possibility that a consumer injects into the electric grid the energy no consumed and deducted from the final bill, would even save more energy to consumers. This way, the energy injected into the grid would be his contribution to the rest of users, and its non-consumption would be reflected in a reduced bill.

This regulation is therefore essential for the staff members to register and give regulatory permission to these installations. As long as it is not regulated, consumers can acquire equipment, install them without any type of control or legislation and worsen the problem to the administration and the electrical companies themselves. That is why it is fundamental that the regulatory framework is implemented as soon as possible. The president of the association confirms that since 2011 consumers can install their self-consumption systems but the lack of an autonomic regulation prevents the standardization and the appropriate regulation.


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  • 20 May, 2013
  • admin

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