Leading edge wear is one of the major challenges related wind turbine blades throughout their service life. The area where it takes place is particularly critical for wind turbine efficiency since it plays a key role in the aerodynamic behaviour of wind turbine blades.

Leading edge wear may be caused by multiple factors. It can be caused by air particulate that may be present at the location of wind turbine (sand, salt…). In addition, both loads and weather may cause undue stress and consequently, blade laminate cracking.

INDEOL has developed a detachable protection system for the blade leading edge. It consists of a polymeric flexible cover that is fixed to the blade leading edge due to mechanical or magnetic detachable fastening means.

The system brings benefits on both blade manufacturing and performance:

  • It can absorb energy from small impacts due to its anti-erosion properties, leading to a gliding effect for small particulate.
  • It can be easily adapted to the curved profile of the blade, thus preventing gaps which would require using filler or glue for their repair.
  • The material it is made of is flexible and light, and it can be rolled up for packaging and transport.
  • Its polished surface prevents foreign material adhesion, providing high dirt resistance.
  • Its cover can be composed of segments of different lengths as required, thus making easier both handling and application of the system. Therefore, repair process is simplified and the entire cover does not need to be replaced in case of local damage.
  • The cover can be replaced by non-qualified personnel without disassembling the blade from the wind turbine.
  • The fastening means serve as guides for the connection between the blade and the protective cover, thus improving the assembly process of the system.
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